Fresh Lilac Honey

Lilac's are one of my most favorite Spring-flowering shrubs, and produce an amazing sweet fragrance that seems to linger in the air. Depending on the location and the variety, Lilac shrubs usually only bloom for a couple of weeks in the Spring, so I like to take advantage of this by harvesting a few blooms and make fresh Lilac honey! 

Lilac honey is extremely easy to make, all you need is fresh lilac flowers, a jar, and raw honey. I do want to throw out a word of caution. I don't recommend harvesting from a scrub that has been sprayed with chemicals or from parks. For this reason I recommend gathering lilac flowers from your own yard if you're currently growing it, or from a location that you know is safe and clean to harvest from. 

When harvesting from any plant, I always recommend not taking more than 5% of the given plant, and never taking more than you are needing, or if there is only one or two plants of that species. I like to sit with the plant and ask it's permission first. This is personal for each individual, but you will get a sense if the plant wants you to harvest from it or not. If the plant gives you a sign that it's ok to harvest, always leave an offering to say thank you. This can be a bit of tobacco, a special rock, a piece of your hair, ect. 

Now that we have covered a few important things to consider before harvesting, lets move on to making this delicious honey!

What you need:

-1 cup fresh Lilac flowers

-1 1/2 to 2 cups Raw Honey

-Glass Mason Jar w/ Lid

-Cut the lilac flowers from the stem and place in a mason jar. Pour your honey over the flowers making sure to cover them. The flowers may end up on the top after awhile, but that wont hurt anything. Place the lid on, and label with the contents of the jar, and date. Let the flowers infuse in the honey anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks making sure to flip the jar periodically to combine all of the flowers. The next step is to spoon out the flowers or strain through a fine mesh strainer and rebottle.

Add a little spring sweetness to pancakes, over ice cream, in ice tea, herbal tea, or lemonade, by the spoonful, or anywhere you use honey! 

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