Happy Home Simmer Pot

Simmer pot's are essentially a homemade air freshener or potpourri of sorts. It's a natural way to cleanse the air of stagnant or negative energy, invite positive vibes into the home, help clear the air after a sickness, or as a candle replacement. They are made by simmering fragrant ingredients like herbs and spices in water on the stove. There are so many different combinations of herbs and spices you can use for different intentions. For example, for protection, I may add rosemary or black pepper. Simmer pots for love, I may add rose petals and vanilla. For abundance, I may add chamomile and cinnamon to help draw in more abundance. The simmer pot I'm showing you today is for happiness, and to fill the home with positive, protective, and loving energy. 

This simmer pot is one of my very favorites for doing a house cleansing and blessing. This simmer pot is filled with fresh and invigorating ingredients to fill your home with uplifting, and happy energy. It's bright, refreshing and full of positive vibes.

What you need:
🌿1 orange sliced (for happiness)
🌿3 cinnamon sticks (for protection and abundance)
🌿4-5 fresh or dried rosemary sprigs (for purification)
🌿1/2 to 1 tablespoon lavender (for peace and calm)
🌿3-4 anise star (for protection)
🌿6-8 cardamom pods (for loving energy)
🌿10 whole cloves (for protection)

Start with a pot of clean water, add all ingredients mindfully to your pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer with the lid off for a few hours, this allows the steam and volatile oils to disperse in the air and cleanse your home and fill it with an uplifting aroma.

Watch the water level and add more water when you see the water level getting low. After you are done with your simmer pot, you can compost your ingredients. I personally like using the water from the simmer pot and adding it to a spray bottle so I can use it as a room spray! Feel free to change up the ingredients based on what you have available to you! 

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  • I can smell it now! Thanks for this!


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